Ghosting Season – Apophenia

July 4th, 2013

Apophenia is the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.

Ghosting Season is an electronic music duo hailing from Manchester, UK and founded in 2011 by the members of worriedaboutsatan, Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale. The sound is a fusion of minimal techno and IDM, laid over a thick ambient soundscape made up of sampled sounds and lush, reverberating electric guitar which is sometimes played with a bow.

Since 2011, Ghosting Season has released a 2-disc LP, “The Very Last of the Saints”, an EP, “The Far End of the Graveyard” with an accompanying singles remix pack of the same name, and the 12″ Single, “A Muffled Sound of Voices”.

Unlike many techno acts, an in-person appearance by Ghosting Season promises an arrangement of computers (one for sequences and another for guitar effects), synthesizers, hardware interfaces, a drum pad, and a whole lot of live playing. There’s nothing like a good live PA to get you feeling the groove.

Ghosting Season’s far end of the graveyard video was conceptual and cinematic, with a twist. The new video follows suit. We caught up to singer, T E Morris on his way to Budapest to ask about his participation.

“I’ve been good friends with the GS boys for years. I play in a band called Her Name is Calla and the violinist is Gavin GS’s girlfriend. I go across and stay with the guys sometimes in Manchester and we just order stacks of pizzas, drink a ton of beer and we all watch 80′s classics mainly starring Arnie. I wish I could say we do more of that. But if I go it’s for the weekend, 10% will be spent recording, the rest will be spent watching films, drinking and fucking about on old synths. Though as I recall, they were quite a Lot more serious about this single and reigned in their (and my) drinking and we spent a great day playing around with the track and trying different harmonies and approaches to the main vocal line.”


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    Cool video & great post!