Fake DJ: an Interview with Camoflaug3

November 24th, 2012

The Fake DJ conversation has sparked a debate in the electronic music community that shows no signs of dying down anytime soon.

Deadmau5 called all DJs ‘button pushers’, A Trak responded, and Camoflaug3 wrote a song about it. Dozens of high-profile DJs have weighed in online.

When we heard ‘Fake DJ’, we knew they had more interesting things to say.

1. The whole ‘Fake DJ’ conversation is starting to feel like the East Coast v. West Coast rap wars from the 90s. Do you think these little Twitter battles could potentially hurt friendships and break down the bonds in the tightly knit electronic music community?

The Twitter battles are a little “Housewives of New Jersey” some of the time, and downright childish most of the time. Shit or Twit talking has just become part of the culture and DJs have had ego battles since day one. The important thing is that the posers are starting to get called out a little more which has fanned the flames of the “Fake DJ” controversy. The electronic music community is an interesting place right now because of the massive influx of neophytes that don’t know Derrick May from Derek Jeter. This is the nexus of the controversy, a huge number of uneducated young people jumping in this genre and not taking the time to learn about its roots. So hopefully we can shed some light on that with the track.

2. How do you feel about Deadmau5 saying anyone can be a DJ?

There is some truth to that, but anyone can be a baseball player, or a chef, or a race car driver too. Doesn’t mean you are going to be good at it.  Deadmau5 is an interesting guy and obviously very talented, he does make some good calls from time to time.  Especially about what they are doing up there on stage, he was really transparent about it and that’s something you have to respect, raw honesty with a dash of self deprecation.

3. What do you think about A Guy Called Gerald’s response to Deadmau5′ comments?

Gerald is frustrated like many of the original guys in this scene, he later apologized for his comment but we understand where the anger comes from. Everything moves so quickly now, there is no shelf life and the roots of this culture and the guys who built it are not getting the respect they deserve in the US right now. The newbies think that Skrillex and Deadmau5 started this new “EDM” revolution and that’s kind of a fucking joke. The silver lining here is that a lot of the artists like Skrillex actually do care about the roots of the music, and are trying to help spread a little bit of the gospel at least.

4. What do you think of this message from Felix Da Housecat? “Couldn’t imagine Prince telling MJ or Madonna telling Springsteen or Cyndi Lauper telling Thom Yorke what’s cred and not cred..so stupid.”

Credibility is something that is earned and universally respected amongst educated music fans and novices alike. An artist questioning another artist’s credibility is sometimes just folly or a press play, it all comes down to your shelf life and how you endure as an artist. Crap sinks to the bottom and cream rises to the top, it’s pretty simple. 20 years from now the Chemical Brothers will still be considered major and credible artists in the genre, it’s hard to say if we will see the likes of Rusko or any the new guys on that shelf. Time will tell.

5. What motivated you to put this track out now?

The biggest motivator was seeing guys like Alvin Risk and other new guys coming up who really don’t get what it means to be a DJ. They jump up on stage with a pre-recorded set in Ableton, flip open a laptop and then push the spacebar. The set is all pre programmed and you get what you get with a couple filters to mix it up, which is fine if you are an artist playing your own tracks live, but don’t call yourself a DJ.  We wanted to draw attention to the art of mixing and how it’s being lost in this new wave of electronic music.

A DJ goes to a gig and builds a set by vibing on the room, selecting tracks for the audience in front of him/her, every set should be different because every room/night is different. When you see a really amazing DJ like Louie Vega, Mark Farina, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink or DJ Sneak, you will understand. Until you experience a DJ really mixing and doing it, you will never know what the fuck we are talking about.

6. Do you anticipate an answer record? Do you think the beef could turn out to be positive and drive music sales like the Roxanne battles of the 80′s?

We didn’t really think about that to be honest, we originally conceptualized the track as an art project or fake Public Service Announcement, it just kind of evolved into the track and we really liked it so we went with it. We don’t’ know how you would even answer back to be honest. Maybe the track would be called “Big LED Screen” or “I’ve Got Fireworks and you Don’t Bitch.”

7.  How much of DJing is technique and how much is selection?

This is of course a very subjective question, but we are going to have to lean on the side of selecting. We would rather listen to a DJ play great great records/tracks and make a couple train wrecks or fuck ups than a flawless DJ who was using all the latest technology and playing terrible records.

8. How will you stop the fake DJs?

Aside from wage war and get into stupid twit talk battles, we would rather just educate the new EDM fans out there. Most of the kids that end up becoming true fans of the music and not just the party will dig deeper and learn for themselves. There are always going to be poser shitheads out there and the best way to shut them up is by dropping knowledge like a sledge hammer.

9. What is your favorite part of DJ culture?

For us it’s about playing in front of a crowd and getting that “DJ High!” and no, we don’t mean “that” high, we mean the high that comes from mixing up the perfect set and really sending people on the dancefloor into another dimension. Most people go to the clubs so they can escape for a little while, and just get lost. So when you create that perfect storm where everyone is on the same groove and going nuts, there is nothing like that. It’s kind of like runner’s high, maybe anyways…

10. If she asked you to, would you collaborate with DJ Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton? Never heard of her.

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