Sp00nfed Interview

October 7th, 2012

We first heard about Sp00nfed on twitter when @spoonfedmusic tweeted a link to the “Sweet Fades” EP. We were instantly hooked.

Sp00nfed is Donovan Morgan (Jakt) and Jeff Matheson (Jeff Math). Together they pump out primal, sweat saturated rhythms. Layers of soulful samples ride on intoxicating house grooves. Crank up the volume, lower the lights and get down. This is music you must experience on your feet.

How did you first discover House Music? What is your first musical memory?

Its funny, I was a drummer/guitar player since I was a little kid. I played in stage bands, then more rock and guitar driven bands later on. I heard a dj mix (i think it was Chris Sheppard), and it had Crystal Waters “Gypsy Woman” on it. It sounded so new. I don’t know what it was that I liked, but I liked it. Maybe it was the fact that it was the opposite of what I had been exposed to with playing instruments in a band. It was more like sonic freedom within rigid structure as opposed to the sonic stability of one instrument with improvisational pressure to play outside of the lines. After that, the Chemical Bros released “Setting Sun” and my brain melted.

What is Sp00nfed?

Its a pretty silly name. I had released quite a few tech-y tracks under the name Jakt and some of the labels I signed with were really, really difficult to deal with. I took a break from writing to just dj. I was really put off from the whole writing process. My good friend and writing partner Jeff Matheson (Jeff Math) worked with me on a few projects with the name Donairs as well. Being massive Basement Jaxx fans, Jeff and I always loved that style over anything else, but we found it really hard to create. Once I started writing again, I started making house music. So I picked a name that I was djing under a few years ago to separate myself from all the negativity I was leaving and to have a fresh start. When I was djing under the name Sp00nfed I hosted a really cool monthly where we had dress up themes like ZombieProm, Mustache/Cleavage, SlumberParty. All the music was indie-dance/altpop. It was a really fun time, so the name stuck. My first releases under that name are with Scuffed Records (our own record label), and one remix with On The Fruit from France (Pat Lok “Remember” Sp00nfed Remix).

The name it self came from a house party I was at. A girl had walked up to me in the kitchen a little messed up. She said she liked my shirt, but she hiccuped when she said it. Without exchanging words I randomly grabbed a spoon off the counter, put some sugar on it and fed it to her to stop the hiccups. It worked.

Other projects? Where can fans find your full discography?

Presently, all of my Sp00nfed tracks are on Beatport, Trackitdown, iTunes, most other digi shops. The Jakt stuff is on there as well. If anyone wants to hear demos and unreleased stuff, the soundcloud page is the best bet.

What made you want to work together?

Jeff Math and I started writing about the same time, and through other people and the band community we were introduced and started talking online. We did this for years on MSN- just chatting and sending clips of bits we were working on, or clips of new techniques we came up with. We had never lived in the same city, so we never had many face-to-face talks. It was all online. At one point I had moved to Toronto just as he was moving back east. I knew we were going to really make a go of it when he flew back for a week to finish an EP for an italian label we were talking to. Today we both live in the same place, and we hang out every other day. That really improved the work flow for us on projects together, and for solo stuff. Plus, I get to make music with my best bro, which is awesome. The best part of all this was meeting Nick Melnyk (Nick Bike) a few years ago. We became really tight friends, and his incredible talent as a dj motivated me to be better at everything I was doing. Once he started writing tracks, it occurred to the 3 of us that we could do this ourselves and make our own label. So we established Scuffed Records in May 2012. Now we are even more motivated to work together. Its amazing.

What is the future of House Music?

I think house has taken a real hit in the face the past few years. Its been co-opted by a lot of people that are making music for what seems like all the wrong reasons and the mood reflects it. The soulful sound is really almost retro now, or cliche depending on who you ask. But I really feel like there will be a swing back to this direction. There is no denying feel good house music. A lot of really high profile producers are releasing filtered house lately, or edgy disco, or sample based vibes. I feel like there is a change coming, and it couldn’t come at a better moment in the electronic music timeline, IMO.

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